HOSTS Manager v1.0

21 July 2016

Console tool for sysadmins and other peoples who need to autoupdate "hosts" file.

chrlauncher v1.9.2

16 June 2016

removed update checking when Chromium is running, fixed working under proxy, changed default browser type to "dev-codecs-sync", updated PPAPI

Mem Reduct v3.1.1453

26 February 2016

now locale applied without restart, fixed critical bug in locale engine, fixed muted messagebox.

Error Lookup v2.1.1247

24 February 2016

added windows xp (64-bit) support, now locale applied without restart, updated facility list (sdk v10), fixed memory leak and other stability improvements.

TimeVertor v1.1

17 February 2016

added x64 build, new ui, more time representation support, common fixes

Ip Lookup v1.4

22 January 2016

added x64 build, ipv6 support and fixed external ip retrieving.

Matrix Screensaver v1.2

21 January 2016

added preview for settings. fixed windows 10 x64 build crash (issue #1).

Drive Dot Shield v2.0

15 August 2012

Program for protect your flash drives (and other drives) from "autorun.inf" file. Program creates "autorun.inf" folder on drive root and undeletable file fith dot at the end (most viruses doesnt remove this file).

InetOps v1.0

11 January 2012

Application for execute network operations with IPv6 support.

Free Shooter v1.9.6

8 April 2010

Freeware tool for taking fastest and simple screenshots of entire screen, windows and regions.