Error Lookup

Error Lookup

Version: 2.4.2
First release:
Last updated:
License: GPL v3
Language: C
Platform architecture: 32-bit/64-bit/arm64
Supported OS: Windows XP (SP 3), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

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Portable open source tool which can help by translating error codes into a more meaningful text description. The interface is simple - just a box to type your code, and another which displays the details - so there doesn’t seem much to learn.

The program also supports a wide range of codes: regular Windows errors, DirectX, NTSTATUS errors, Windows Internet errors, STOP codes, And we think it can probably be configured to read more (Settings > System modules), although there’s no documentation to confirm that and we didn’t test it.

The lightweight application is less than a megabyte, and it is compatible with Windows XP SP3 and higher operating systems. You can download either the installer or portable version.

Portable mode

To activate portable mode, create errorlookup.ini in application folder, or move it from %APPDATA%\Henry++\Error Lookup.


Latest stable release is always here

GPG Signature

Binaries have GPG signature errorlookup.exe.sig in application folder.

  • Public key: pubkey.asc (pgpkeys.eu)
  • Key ID: 0x5635B5FD
  • Fingerprint: D985 2361 1524 AB29 BE73 30AC 2881 20A7 5635 B5FD


Put errorlookup.lng file into application directory and restart the program.